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Music Production

Achieve your musical vision with a professional production in any genre


Set your music part with a polished and professional final mix that exceeds industry standards.


Get your music mastered and ready to release on all digital streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and more. 



Working with Joseph Capalbo has been an incredibly fulfilling experience. I had some specific ideas in my head about how I wanted my track to sound, and Joseph was able to take those ideas and make them come to life in a way that exceeded my expectations. He was always open to feedback and worked with me until every detail was right. His quick turnarounds meant that I had a professionally produced song in my hands sooner than I thought possible. I highly recommend Joseph to anyone looking for a top-notch music producer who truly cares about bringing your vision to life.

-    Brian W. 


I can't imagine working with any other producer after working with Joseph Capalbo. Not only is his production quality of the highest calibre, but his ability to tune into what an artist wants from their music is unparalleled. I appreciated his willingness to listen and adapt in order to bring forth the artist's vision. Not only is he talented, but he is also extremely efficient. I was blown away by the quality and how quickly I got my song back. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an experienced, patient, and talented music producer.

-    Victoria S. 

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Working on original music with Joseph is always an absolute pleasure from start to finish. His dedication to producing high-quality instrumental tracks is unparalleled, while his attention to detail, authentic creativity, expertise, and professionalism exceed my expectations with each project.  I strongly recommend Joseph to any musician looking for a skilled and passionate producer to bring their songs to the next level!

-    Jodie F.  

Music Production

As a music producer, I have worked with artists in a variety of genres and understand the importance of bringing a creative vision to life. In the music production process, I work closely with artists to bring their songs to life, providing guidance and inspiration along the way. From crafting beats and melodies to arranging and recording, I strive to create a unique sound that represents each artist's style and message. Whether you're starting with a rough demo or have a fully formed vision, my music production services can help you realize your musical dreams in any genre.

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Audio Mixing

As a professional mixing engineer, I understand that the process of mixing is crucial to bringing a song to its full potential. When mixing music, my goal is to make sure that all instruments and vocals are balanced and sitting well within the mix. I use a combination of EQ, compression, and other effects to enhance the song and bring out its unique character. My expertise and attention to detail ensure that every element of the mix stands out and contributes to a cohesive sound that will captivate listeners. Let me help you take your music to the next level with my professional mixing services.


Audio Mastering

 Mastering music is the final stage in the audio production process, where the overall sound is polished to perfection. When mastering music, I use a combination of EQ, compression, and other effects to enhance the mix and bring it to its fullest potential. My mastering services aim to ensure that your music is consistent in its sound and volume across all formats and playback devices, from speakers to headphones. Whether you're preparing to release your tracks on streaming platforms, radio, or other mediums, my mastering services will ensure your music sounds its best and is ready for the world to hear. 

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The Bundle

 This bundle includes everything that you need to create a professional-grade song that's ready to be released on all streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and more. I will work with you to produce your song from scratch, interpreting your ideas and bringing them to life in the form of a stunning musical creation. I will work closely with you throughout the production process to ensure that your voice is heard and that the final product aligns with your vision. After the song is produced, I’ll will work to mix and master the track, ensuring that all elements of the song blend together seamlessly. This process ensures that your sound is professional and that your music will truly stand out from the crowd. This includes ensuring that your music meets all requirements necessary for distribution and will be available for streaming worldwide. Simply fill out the form here and tell us more about your musical vision to get started right away.

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